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A local group of the National Rheumatoid  Arthritis Society


Thanks to all the Rheumatology, Occupational Therapy teams for coming along..

For our 2nd birthday

We had a party!

Complete with sandwiches and cake!

Tea and coffee…but

Better still…

Lots of friends

An enjoyable evening where we were able to meet with others.

Special thanks to all BADRAG’s friends & supporters who come along each meeting to make BADRAG possible.

Copies of any photographs are available and will be emailed upon request. Use the contact link above stating which photograph(s) you wish to receive.

2 years old this month

Happy 2nd Birthday BADRAG

15th November 2012

This month saw the 2nd birthday of BADRAG.

As a celebration, a ‘party’ was held at Clifton Hospital.

Happy Birthday