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A local group of the National Rheumatoid  Arthritis Society


During March 2017, Occupational Therapists at Blackpool Hospital Trust, Vicky and Lorna gave us a presentation on ‘Getting a Good Nights Sleep’.

You can see their presentation and meeting summary by clicking here.

There is lots of support to help you get a good sleep from NRAS.

Have a look at the NRAS website to learn more on getting a good nights sleep

NRAS Guide to Getting A Good night's sleep - http://www.nras.org.uk/guide-to-getting-a-good-night-s-sleep

Arthritis Research UK Booklet on sleep available as a download or by post - http://www.arthritisresearchuk.org/shop/products/publications/patient-information/living-with-arthritis/sleep-and-arthritis.aspx

NRAS Sleep Improvement Strategies (2008) - http://www.nras.org.uk/sleep-improvement-strategies

NRAS Sleep Hygiene leaflet (2014) available as a download or by post - http://www.nras.org.uk/publications/sleep-hygiene-leaflet

How to get a good nights sleep